Spring Forward

The farmstand show came and went and I sold a few rugs to appreciative
customers. But while the December day was warm and sunny and the zoo goers
happily communed with the animals, my day is more remembered as precipitating a
new stage of my life.

Many of my days now include a visit to a loved one and seeing to her care.
As the emotions and coordinating can be all-consuming, even the time remaining
to devote to sewing or crafts tends not to be productive. The project and skill
list is at a standstill, waiting for a future when commitment is not devoted to
personal priorities or paying the bills. (Does that future exist, for anyone!)

Looking ahead, there may be unlimited hours I can devote to sewing or
braiding. Looking behind, I did accomplish a few feats and am reminded of some
long ago projects. The stuffed bear I made for my granddaughter last fall is
not only a favorite night time cuddle, but also a new member of a family of
bears I sewed when I was 13 or so. (Thirteen and undaunted by my far from perfect examples of sewing skill!) My youngest sister sent a photo of her trio of bears, and my
other sisters recalled theirs and even a brother volunteered I had sewed him a stuffed
rabbit. I have amassed a collection of small pieces of fabric, so if I choose
to, I could go back to stuffed animal production, some day!

From my stash I did get a sparkly skirt and a handbag sized for
odds and ends required for transporting young children, for my daughter’s
January birthday. I made a totebag for my mother (from her own stockpile of fabric, now in my possesson) for her 93rd birthday. As well as hemming lots of slacks for her
new residence.

My spontaneous projects include new kitchen curtains, as the window view of
my neighbor’s drive became too unsightly. (I have lots of “someday” projects –
wouldn’t it be great if my neighbor could clean or move his “somedays”?) I had enough
muslin awaiting a different use, but they fit the window space perfectly, while
still letting in the sunlight.

I had long wanted to refresh my swim bag, so though there were other things
to accomplish, I spur of the moment used the last of my oil cloth to create a
new bag. I covered with splashes of color from my drawing pens – that have yet
to be used for drawing. (Yes, that’s some day too.)

I continue to be a magnet for elderly folk looking to part with their braiding
wool to a proper home. A gentleman contacted me through this site, and asked if
I could take his wife’s collection of stripped and rolled wool. Very sad, and
very sweet, as she was no longer able to braid, and he was caring for her full
time. What beautiful wool, and in such quantity. I’m not sure I can braid
through this batch! But each moment I get to braid a few strands, I can’t help
but contemplate the love this couple must have for one another.

As well as the devotion I see in the fathers and mothers, husbands and
wives, parents and children, sisters and brothers, in my own small world. The
self that we must give and take comes with each day, every day.


  1. You will be back to more projects, soon! June with night night bear is too sweet, and I want to see your design on the tote!

  2. Your bears are adorable! It feels so good to see a handmade item well-used and appreciated.

    The colors from your pens look great on your swim bag! 🙂

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