September Close/Clothes

September slid right into October and the rhythm of the seasons did not change course. I didn’t expect a detour from thousands of years of the sun and moon doing their thing, but the shorter, colder days are never welcome on the planet I come from. (One closer to the sun.)

The forecast for inside projects advances, as does the further accumulation of fabric.

I sewed a dress for my toddler grandaughter and it was an amazingly decent fit. I whipped up a muslin before cutting the actual fabric and we were able to hoist over a squirmy child to declare the fit would be okay. (Forget trying to actually measure a 21 month old!) I used Swedish tracing paper to make pattern pieces of her current size, so the original pattern is preserved for an attempt with a larger size in the future. The paper worked great – I think I’ll use for all future projects, including drafting my own patterns. (A skill I wish to move up on the list some day.)

I ordered June’s dress fabric from the deadstock company but there was a delay, so I purchased material at the local JoAnn’s. (Of course a package from Fabscrap arrived the next day.) I wanted to finish the dress before the arrival of my grandson. (I also grabbed some fabric for a pair of snuggly pants for him.) Now I have a lovely mint green velour for another girl’s dress and a bundle of cool random fabric I added to my cart when making my online order. Sadly, the boy’s pants were abandoned when I discovered – after making Swedish paper traces, cutting the pattern and sewing the pockets – I had cut the one-way flannel upside down! Yes it is not so hard to repeat mistakes you swore you would never make again.

Not to worry. Plenty of stash in the closet and I cut some nice corduroy to proceed. Most important, my grandson arrived September 19, healthy and beautiful.

Neither my grandaughter, grandson, or my lovely daughter are in any need of clothing. I have a closet full no longer needed for daily office wear. But I persist. It’s what I do. Dream of completing exquisite and fun garments. Despite the challenge, frequent aggravation and fails, I continue to dream and add to my list.


  1. The model might be reluctant but the dress looks great! And oh no about Heath’s flannel!! But corduroy sounds great πŸ™‚
    X A

  2. Congratulations on your new grandson! The dress is so lovely–kudos on the stitching as well as the photos! πŸ™‚ Mistakes, at least the ones in infrequent activities, are bound to get repeated–I seem to be making some familiar oopsies in my art projects after a break of only a couple of months. πŸ™‚ Hope the new pants are coming okay.

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