Festive Feats

My husband would say “the madness begins”.

Things were busy in Grandma’s Atelier the past few weeks. (I know, “atelier” is a stretch, but it’s a fun and whimsical word and so much more sophisticated than workshop.)

I diverted from braiding and preparing for my December display after completing another basket. There were birthdays and Christmas crafts to be created – and I completed them all from fabric on hand.

I sewed the teal dress for my grandaughter with the same pattern as the blue version I made before grandbaby two’s arrival. It was timely for her second birthday, so she fashionied for the celebration. I also pulled out a pattern from 50 years ago for a panda bear that I had sewn several of long ago for siblings. My mother had carefully sorted pieces into envelopes and labeled them and they are now preserved in a tattered envelope in a sealed bag. Sewing “Glamma Bear” I questioned how I ever sewed these as a child. What intricacy and precision needed! The result would have fared a C+ in Home Economics, but she makes me smile and joins the panda members still residing with my sisters.

A co-worker is expecting a baby any day, and I felt it necessary to gift a handmade item along with the usual registry accessories. So I hauled out the serger and made a swaddle and some burp cloths. Sweet dreams little one.

There is not always reason for the order projects come off my list, but I decided to make an apron with Christmas fabric purchased a few years ago. Then there are projects that were never on the list! I hustled out a tree skirt after discovering I no longer had one. All that fabric bestowed to me by my mother – there were yards of red! Timely projects both.

Holiday cards were going to go to the back burner, but again sometimes a project is spontaneous with my mood. So I spent days designing and producing cards, mailed yesterday. (Yes, for some unknown reason even to myself, I purchased a Cricut a few years ago. Fabric stash, Cricut Stash. The atelier needs an expansion.)

Next up is the Farmstand display December 17 at the Connecticut Beardsley Zoo. So back to the braiding list and checking it twice. See you at the Stand. I’ll be next to the Big Cow.


  1. June loves her bear! It’s now the night night bear she sleeps with 🙂
    And the dress–Gramma made it!

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