November Checklist

I am still dreaming about my exquisite creations and the project list grows instead of shrinking. I think the fabric and supply hoard even multiplied when I wasn’t looking!

I did keep my creative hands busy however, but I took the scenic route. I viewed an Instagram post calling artisans to participate at the nearby Connecticut Beardsley Zoo’s farmstand, where local artisans can display and sell their work. I decided perhaps this would be just the spot to exhibit my rugs again. (Another time intensive but therapeautic pastime that I have enjoyed for 40 years. ) So I began a new checklist to complete tasks involved in preparing for a show, including braiding a few new things. At least the wool supply has dwindled. Let’s hope the zoo goers and I have a great day come December 17!

Meanwhile as I braid, I am still mulling the sewing patterns I need to complete, the techniques I need to learn, and what to do with the yards and yards of fabric my Mom had designs of tailoring and stitching. It’s a worthy goal to sew it all, but not a goal I am sure I am worthy of!

My mother would appreciate the first project completed with her bountious yardage. I did complete my grandson’s snuggly pants. I can picture Mom 50 years ago in her brown corduroy jumper and now her great grandson has some bottoms to match. The end of the story is not yet told however, as even the extra small size is extra large for my grandson! Growing fast however, so maybe there will be a few February winter days his toes will extend to the end.


  1. Ooh, preparing for a show must be exciting–hope you have fun! Love the look of the pants. It’s good that they are a bit large for your grandson–he can use them for longer. πŸ™‚

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