Fabulous Fabric

The hot and humid days become fewer and daylight dwindles. I hate to see summer go. But, as I retreat to indoors more often, now is the opportunity to make progress with the stacks of fabric and bins of wool waiting to be created into fashion or floor flare.

Braiding in the heat wave

The project list is long. While I do complete some things, the want-to-dos seem to dodge ahead of the “done”. Even without purchasing any, I amass more fabric and frequently rearrange storage. In the spring my sister asked if I wanted to take a look at fabric of Mom’s she had found. I thought I already had taken this collection! But there was more, forgotten in a trunk in her old room. How does one say no?

A lovely woman gifted me her accumulated wool that never was braided into the dream rug. How could I turn her down?

The mission impossible to utilize all my fabric becomes less possible. But they say, it’s the journey, not the destination. Where there is a will, there is a way. Or the quest never ends.

I did complete a few projects for the mission impossible this year. (Even one in the heat of summer.) I sewed a maternity dress for my daughter, – but not the skirt that would have been a fun experiment from the 50’s! – some activewear (I think we call it athleisure now), and when my daughter asked if I could braid a rug for the nursery for grandbaby two, how could I turn her down? What a fantastic way to use the lovely wool I had just inherited. It was quite an endeavor to piece together the many colors, weights and textures, but certainly no other grandchild can lay claim to such a work of visual vibrance!

Next step, organizing the mission. Not that it is a required step, but I like planning and listing and feeling satisfaction in completion. (It’s nice when a chapter in the journey ends favorably.) Then there is the studying and learning new skills, or remembering skills learned long ago. Added steps for a mission that may never end.

For now, I can choose any project I like. A dress for grandbaby one? The knit jacket with three colors and piping that I cut out the pieces for years ago? The glamorous red satin dress that requries boning, fabric and boning already on hand? A braided rug or basket for my Etsy site? Oh, and it’s September! Time to start the Made By Me Christmas gifts. I aspire to accomplish a few fabric feats while seeking to make possible the fabulous fabric mission.


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