… and sew on.

Inspired by a Seamwork podcast, I assembled a collection of photos and patterns to create a visual to remind myself I know how to sew. More importantly, I created incentive to keep sewing. My nature is to want everything perfect. As the greater portion of my projects do not meet this lofty status, I had to take a look back and see where I might give myself a four- or five-star review.

Surprisingly, the fails were not as frequent as I imagined, and the successes added a few extras to my and others’ wardrobes. I even finished an endeavor abandoned over two years ago as too distressing to undertake.

Since last summer’s blog post (amazing how the plan is to write frequently, but the plan changes course and meanders down another path) I have sewed:

  • a skirt, dress, jeans and sweats for my toddler grandaughter
  • the most adorable stuffed llama for same sweet toddler
  • a lined blazer for same fashionable daughter
  • a Nicole Miller fashion frock with cold shoulder sleeves, once again for my photogenic progeny
  • a luxurious satin robe for myself
  • some funky denim dungarees (worth a try, but two stars and they will go to the recycle bin)
  • a fleece jacket with pockets from a soft llama print in honor of aforementioned grandaughter
  • a very comfortable crepe de chine flounce dress and flowy pants fashioned by Stan Herman of 1980’s fame (Yes, I love disco dresses!)
  • I discovered, finally, how to make decorative stitches with my Husquervana Viking Emerald 113 and assembled numerous napkins for siblings for Christmas gifts.

Add to this totes, zipper cases, pillows and yes even more masks, and my annual sew repetoire looks significant.

My pattern collection, fabric stash, project list and yes my dreams, still outpace my completed garments and accessories. That’s the thing with dreams. They are not generous with time, but they inspire creativity and goals to reach. Perhaps even a few five-star reviews.

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