Fashion Shoot 101

While I have a long list of things I could write, I take pen in hand to again lament my sewing collection remained unseen in my closet this summer. Others homebound 2020 learned to bake bread, try out new baking and cooking recipes, and cleaned up and repaired things around the house. I sewed. In addition to using my fabric stash to make a lot of masks, I completed unfinished projects, ordered more fabric for new projects and finally attempted to master my untried serger. (Well maybe not master, but I learned to thread the darn thing and did whip out some napkins and serge a few running togs.)

I thought it would be entertaining to learn to post and take photos of my endeavors. As I’m not venturing far or hanging out in crowds, I am my own model and the venue is the neighborhood. I’m not Cheryl Tiegs or Christie Brinkley – yes, I could reference more recent models, but I choose to rely on icons of my own era – so my subject and photographer are amateurs. As well as the writer who is so bold to post.

In my attempts at some professionalism, I did invest time and take measures to not be completely second rate. I ironed to crispness every garment and looked for suitable backdrops and lighting. I even put on make up and jewelry and trudged down the sidewalk countless times.

Here are some outtakes from my late summer photo shoots. Outtakes are usually the clips shown at the end of a movie that did’t make the cut. But again, I’m an amateur, so definition is probably irrelevant. After all it’s my fashion shoot and my humble handmade wardrobe.

Farewell Summer

***I also sewed summer maternity wear. My daughter is happily embracing the start of her third trimester. But this is her story and you can see my hand sewn and all mom-to-be fashion she sports at .

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