The Heat Index

I sit on my back stoop – aka “the veranda” – and bask in the tropical heat and humidity that my New England cohorts loathe. While most residents of my area believe it is scorching deadly heat  when the thermometer reaches 76, I need an 80-plus day with 80% humidity before my bones even begin to thaw. Dry air belongs in the desert and the 70s are for the Spring.

My husband likes to tell people I am from a planet much closer to the sun. Though I did grow up in the swamps of Southern Maryland, this doesn’t explain things as my mother and six siblings all cannot stand the heat. (A relative term, as I am still chilled when they are racing to turn the thermostat back down, or looking for shelter from the oppressive outside temps.)

1972 Simplicity 5349

So, but for a few glorious weeks in July and August, I dress for the Arctic. If July and August are spent inside climate controlled buildings, I still dress for the Arctic! The days are precious few that I can wear the tank tops and sundresses I enjoy and outings are restricted to outdoors, no air conditioning. (Pause 2020, COVID-19, activities are restricted to the backyard, aka, the veranda.)

Currently I work remotely, so the office is home, where AC is prohibited. (My husband, who is not from a planet closer to the sun, suffers and sweats through as best he can.) This allows for the tank tops, but as in an earlier post, when does the other apparel make an appearance? Perhaps a Social Distance picnic or a visit to the winery is yet in the forecast and a summer staple can have its day out.

At least all those exercise togs from Spring’s sewing spree are making their way to the streets, keeping me fashionably coiffed for the two or three others I pass on morning runs and bike rides. Rides and Runs that even if it’s sub-76, I stay warm and maybe even sweat!

Epilogue:  (Yes I know, it’s a 400 word post and Epilogue is a stretch, but I follow my own creative license.) I made it to the winery and it was a glorious hot day to wear my bright yellow princess dress. My husband sweated gladly to accompany me.

Wine on the Veranda
The Veranda



  1. Yay for hot summers! I’m in the same boat, and can totally imagine the joy you must feel at finally getting a chance to let your arms and legs enjoy the breeze. 🙂

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