Patient Perfect

I was working on my last sewing project and had to redo something very simple. It was a pattern I had completed many times, so it should have been seamless. (Yes, peculiar word to choose when describing sewing!) But there I was, seam ripper in hand, going backward instead of forward.

Sewing is like that. Step A does not always go directly to Step B. While one is always eager to jump ahead to that lovely vision on the sketch pad or printed pattern, there is a multitude of steps and setbacks to fait accompli.

I excel at the vision step. I love to peruse patterns and fondle fabric and dream my creations. My downfall of course is patient execution. I have no issues with the required cutting, marking, pinning and pressing. But when my stitches are misses and redos go awry, I fumble and falter. (See my post re perfectionism.) A few years ago I spent days making a Mother of the Bride dress. How could I buy one off the rack after making my daughter’s wedding dress? (There’s an earlier post on this too.)

It didn’t come together as View C on the pattern pictured A0BF3AFB-5066-48E0-9761-4EA1B009AF05_1_201_aand I took it to my dry cleaner to see if the mishaps could be pressed away. “You no sew right!” he proclaimed. It was back to the proverbial drawing board as wedding day approached.

More perusing patterns and fondling fabric. Not as fun as the first time when my daughter and I ventured through the bolts of choices of the NYC Garment District, but I found a proper color and an acceptable sheath dress pattern. Lining and all, my dry cleaner nodded his acceptance to the unintentional ruching.

I even made a jacket with French seams, that while it no longer matched the MOB dress, it worked with slacks for the rehearsal dinner. Best of all, when the jacket made its debut at the dry cleaner, he exclaimed “You sew good!”


As it should be the dress remains in my closet a fond memory. The jacket carries a wearable memory.

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