Dress Distress

Lamentably my summer apparel hangs in my closet waiting for a turn to make its annual appearance. Last year it was not warm enough long enough to even rotate through a half dozen summer dresses, and this year, well this year one does not need a half dozen dresses to parade about the backyard.

Nonetheless, as much of my wardrobe is by my own hand and others lucky finds from the consignment shop, I’m not ready to surrender hope of a dress up day at the vineyard or a sunset stroll on the beach. Nor am I ready to forever designate a wardrobe as lost when a closet may be a safe place to reside until the world rights itself. For now the backyard sanctuary subs as destination dress-up.

I found this gorgeous peachy pinky blouse on the sale rack last winter and was relishing the day I could match it with jeans or a skirt and be ready for a day at the office and then after hours with the girls.

Candie's, Arizona Jean Co.
Candie’s Top, Halter, Jeans Arizona Jean Co, thrifted

Perusing through my closet I discovered a host of compatible mates to sport the summer feeling.

I also came across my husband’s favorite dress. Peach perfection that is also a symbol that it’s Cynthia weather and only a floppy sun hat additionally is required.


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