Run the Mile You Are In

A year ago I was preparing to run my first Half Ironman. I didn’t know then it might also be my last. It was a step to bigger things! This year there are no triathlon plans.

Swim, bike, run.

Swim. I’d love to but I decline to venture back to the gym and there is no open water nearby that I’d dare don a wetsuit to dive in.

Bike. There are a few Sunday mornings the traffic is light and I can brave a few miles further from home. Fortunately, I even have a trainer in the basement for rides to nowhere listening to soulful tunes of Neil Diamond and Rod Stewart.

Run. Running is where I started. Running is what still keeps me going. I’ve run since I took a jogging class in college over 40 years ago. (My husband laughs at this, but at least I got an A!)

Running through a pandemic takes some adjusting. Going solo is not an issue. Or even rising early to be out when few others are. That’s been my routine Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall the past 20 years. New to the mix however is avoiding proximity to anyone and taking serpentine detours to social distance. Greetings are a wave from afar, but even the wave helps.

I completed a few virtual runs this Spring just to see my name up in lights and to set some worthwhile goals. I need no more t-shirts or to pay to run by myself, but I did get to decide the weather and the perfect accommodating morning of my choosing.

For a while, these are the miles I run. Sporting tees from fondly remembered races and places. Dreaming of a future where the Star Spangled Banner plays and the air horn blows again to start a race for many, not just for me.


One comment

  1. One day you will be back with the groups!
    I’ve seen some brave swimmers in wet suits swimming along the shoreline at Calf Pasture!

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