Serge to Perfection

I told my husband I was going to put the serger out in the street and run over it with my truck. He laughed. He knows the roller coaster of emotions I ride with any new challenge I take on and has to endure the trip.

Currently I’m still debating if the serger should go curbside or if it’s worthy of elegant apparel yet to be constructed. One can only use so many pairs of not-quite-right gym leggings, especially with no gym to go to.

My wise sister said to me once sewing is not for perfectionists. I would contend that it is, but only if you sew perfectly. As I am not in this category, much of my time is spent undoing and redoing. Or taking on even more projects that will turn out perfect – this time.

serger supplies

While I waited for my serger supplies to arrive from OnlineFabricStore I put together my newest fabric purchases from FashionFabricsClub as I was antsy to see results of my new serging prowess. I may be making progress but perfection is not yet in my grasp. However, as supplies arrived today I better step up my serging game.


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