Where Can I Wear My Wardrobe?

Simplicity harem pants #8390, Sweater Goodwill find, leaf pendant earrings flea market browsing.

Staying safe. Staying home. Working remotely.

The closet is crammed with my collection of garments. The bureau is stuffed with finds from the consignment shop. The sewing room/home office churns out handmade apparel. My choice of attire is abundant, but where can I wear all my frocks?

The running wear gets an a.m. tour of the beach end of town several times a week but little else beside the comfy sweats and fleece tops make it out for an appearance.

I’m no fashion maven but not so long ago, I liked to put together an outfit and accessories and garner a compliment at the office or on the street.

While the future may bring treks back to the office, why not rediscover what raiment I’ve created or collected now? It might be fun.

Here’s a Spring opening as it’s just a little warmer and things are beginning to green up. Lavender combo for loose fitting top and pants, perfect for relaxing in the backyard after hours.

Stay comfy but change it up now and then!



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